Starting Over (sort of)

The COPPERSTATE Fly-in has had a couple of tough years. Covid started it all.

On the good side, the COPPERSTATE Fly-in has a new President, Stephen Bass who has over 10 years working with the COPPERSTATE Fly-in in the capacity of both Vice President and then President. He worked with the show both in Casa Grande and at Falcon Field. And before that he served as a Chairman. He knows what it takes and is familiar with the details required to make all the parts work...and there are two major parts: People and Money.

The Board of Directors has continued with a couple of new members. There are a few Chairmen on board but there is a need for new people who love aviation and would like to get involved to help create a COPPERSTATE Fly-in that is memorable.

And the last thing is money. Like the drawing says, "Limited Resources" tells you where we are at. It takes a fair amount of funds to produce a successful show. And we want to get back in the game. So this might be how you can help. If you think you might want to get involved and become a Chairman that would be wonderful. But, if you simply want to invest a few bucks because you like airplanes and other things that fly, watch for the shopping cart. We will have it up as soon as we can. So check back often. And last, if you are interested, drop Stephen a message (see below) and get on the upcoming email list. Let him know who you are, and what you might be interested in. Copperstate is really just a big family. with wings.

Our goal is to have the next COPPERSTATE Fly-in late 2024. We are looking at all the options and possibilities. On that note, always remember that your input is vital. We truly want to hear your thoughts as a member of the aviation community.

As for the very near future, come back often because we will be communicating via as we move ahead. So, stay tuned and join the adventure!

By the way, you can get to this site through two different domain names. You can use or the old domain

Either one works. We did this because there was a technical issue when we decided to start over and we wanted to, as they say, cover the bases.

Stephen Bass, President

Limited Resources