Let's have a little fun

We know you are interested in aircraft. And the COPPERSTATE Fly-in is all about alternative and recreational flying. So... let's have some fun.

These are trikes or more technically, Flex Wing. There basically two types of trikes. Ultralight and Sport Pilot. There are two differences. Ultralights are limited to one seat, 254lbs and have speed restrictions. Often the wing can be used on either. So the easiest way to tell the difference is to count the seats. Sometimes the engine will be bigger than need be on an ultralight but just count the seats. One is probably an ultralight and two will be something else. Hope that helps.

What would make me think this is a different type of trike?

There are trikes and then there are trikes.

First of all it is a training trike. It has the trainer bars on the downposts of the wing. Next, it has the Rotax 912 four stroke, four cylinder engine. And last, I know the person in the back seat is not taking a lesson. Why? Because the student sits in the front during a lesson and the instructor can use the training bars if he needs to.

How about some funnies?

Did you hear about the businessman that wanted to start an airplane company? He just couldn't get it off the ground.

Did you hear about the preacher that lived on a wing and a prayer? He couldn't afford a wing so he settled for a prayer.

If you hear a good one, let us know. It must be clean and for general audiences. And remember, it should involve aviation.

Stephen Bass, President Copperstateflyin@icloud.com