Chairmanship Positions

Website Design and Management - Dennis McLain

Fund Raising/Grants - OPEN

Forums - OPEN

Aircraft Judging - OPEN

Facilities Management - OPEN

Parking - OPEN

Childrens Activities - OPEN

Media - OPEN

Camping - OPEN

Concerns - will be addressed by each department

Board of Directors

President - Stephen Bass

Vice President


Even new pilots fix their own aircraft.

Copperstate has been set up to run with a board of directors and committee chairmen. In our case many of the BOD are also chairmen of specific committees. We all have to wear several hats to make Copperstate function.

Chairman positions: If the job title is highlighted in red, we need someone to fill this position. If in blue, that position is filled.

Aircraft judging and registration ( self explanatory ). The Showlow EAA chapter has volunteered to run this segment this year.
They will also run the awards program at the Saturday evening banquet,

Campground will be run again by Rick Reuland who has been in charge for the past 100 years. RV’s, tents, car camping

Exhibitor/Vendor Chairman— Next to the President, this is the most important position at CS

Flight Line Operations—Run by Steve Hulland & his own crew of volunteers. He is a good example of an efficient chairman as he goes out and finds his own volunteers for the most part. When the event starts he can hit the ground running with very little outside guidance.

Fund Raising / Grants—Need someone skilled in finding funding sources and familiar with the process of writing grants.

Forums—Need a volunteer this year to ask exhibitors to speak on more depth about their products. Exhibitors usually seek out the forums chair early to get on the schedule. Helps set up mic & PA systems in each forum tent.

Light Sport & Ultralights— Works with the exhibitor chairman to seek & register Light Sport & Ultralight exhibitors. There is usually a separate area to display these aircraft.

Photographer—Takes photos of not only the happenings around the event but works secretly with the Aircraft Judging group to photograph winning aircraft for presentation at the Saturday night banquet

Rotorcraft Operations—Works with the exhibitor chairman to seek out rotorcraft exhibitors as well as coordinate a display area for rotorcraft.

SkyShop—Coordinates indoor sales of Copperstate promotional items ( shirts, hats, pins, wine glasses & aviation related toys )

Transportation—Golf cart rental, solicits car rental agencies, coordinates with ground transportation companies for transport to hotels.

Vehicle Traffic & Parking—IMPORTANT JOB— Coordinates ground vehicle traffic in and out of the event as well as vehicle parking

Volunteer Coordinator-Info Center-Lost & Found—The third most important job at CS. Finds volunteers for various chairman positions and odd jobs setting up and tearing down the event. Latrine duty (Tim)

Workshops—Hands-on training. Teaches A/C assembly, welding, etc. depends upon who we can find to instruct in specific areas

Youth Activities Chairman—Develops hands-on activities for younger youth like building a model airplane, etc.. Also works with Exhibitor Chair to attract flight schools, A&P schools, military recruiters, etc.. for older teens.

Aeromart —sometimes called the FlyMart, selling customer’s aviation related products with a fee going to CS.

There are other miscellaneous positions like signs, safety & security, on-site physician (comes every year from Tucson), news media, announcer (if needed).