We want to come back!

And we want to make it better!

Regional aviation event showcasing GA, lightsport and ultralight aircraft

If you like airplanes and aviation in general, consider getting involved. We can use your knowledge and help.

Stephen Bass, President Copperstateflyin@icloud.com

Get involved!

We are currently planning and putting logistical details of the COPPERSTATE Fly-In in place. The President will do this. Once these details are achieved, then additional steps can be initiated.
A few areas will need attention well before the show. These need a Chairman and team members to get involved.
These include:
Fundraising: We need a chairmen who guide and direct efforts to reach potential donors and organizations. This position may include several people. Let us know if you can join us.
Promotion and Advertising: This could include more than one person. We need individuals with technical knowledge of social media platforms, someone who is a writer, likes aviation, and someone who understands emails.

We have several positions requiring both a Chairman (Team Leaders) and team members. Keep watching.

For more information, feel free to reach out and give Stephen a call or send him a text.

We are in the process of establishing contact points and will have all of that up in the next few weeks. In the meantime let us know who you are so we can put you on our mailing list. Thanks.

Stephen Bass, President Copperstateflyin@icloud.com